Process Improvement and the Customer Experience

Process Improvement and the Customer Experience

17th Dec 2021

A positive customers experience is built from many different components and factors. But while many elements are at play in providing the best possible experience, the ideal way to stay ahead of the curve is with continual process improvement. By constantly improving customer interactions, workflows, and practices, you can continue to offer your customer base a superior experience over time.

Why is process improvement so crucial for the customer experience, how can improvement enhance CX overall, and what else do you need to do to stay ahead? We’ve covered all you need to know below.

Why is process improvement important for customer experience?

What makes process improvement such a vital component in providing the best experience for customers? While there is not one specific part of continuous improvement that directly impacts the customer experience, many of the actions taken in improvement can contribute to a better experience overall. This includes:

Authenticity and credibility

The better your processes work and the more effective they are, the better for your customers. Improvement helps to make workflows more professional and streamlined, which in turn lends businesses credibility. Data-driven methods yield strong results visible to your customers, which helps to build your image as an authentic and credible service in your niche.

Scalability with growth

As your business grows and involves, process improvement acts as a way to prevent practices and workflows from falling through the cracks. Scalability benefits the customer experience by providing them with the same standard of care on a larger scale. Scalability goes hand in hand with the customer experience, providing more without reducing the quality of delivery.

Tools, resources, and improved accessibility

The better managed your improvement, the more accessible and valuable your business is to your audience. The purpose of process improvement is twofold. Not only does it save time and costs in-house, but it also provides a better experience for customers overall.

What else is important to the customer experience?

Other measures should be considered for process improvement to be as successful for the customer experience as for internal goals and targets. This includes:


Standardization can often be too rigid for the variability of your customer base. Consider the need for flexibility in your improvements to achieve the best success for your business and customers alike.

Moving away from silos

Silo-ed working can easily lead to a lack of focus on the bigger picture – which is precisely what your customers see. Stepping back from a narrow view of your processes and workflows can help you understand how to create benefits for your customers while still carrying out necessary improvements.

Emotion and behavior

Emotion and behavior don’t feature in process improvement practices, but they are vital in customer experience. When making improvements, customer behavior and preference must be considered, ensuring success without losing your customer-focused brand messaging.

For any business looking to enhance the customer experience and improve internal processes, placing the two together is an excellent way to get twice the benefit. By taking an outside perspective and an internal one, continuous improvement can be beneficial beyond the four walls of your business, providing customers with the experience they need to improve retention and enhance sales.

By Ellis Bledsoe, Principal Owner ECB Solutions, LLC