Get to know your customers or someone else will

Get to know your customers or someone else will

01st Aug 2021

The ability to connect with customers is a defining feature of any successful business. Whether you’re running a larger company or a small-town business, understanding the wants and needs of customers is essential.

Developing products and services that speak to the values or interests of your clients does not have to be a challenge. In fact, getting to know customers today is easier than ever before. Here are some helpful tips to help you understand your customers better.

Take advantage of data and analytics

Compiling and analyzing data from sales can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior. Leverage analytics software to help identify what content on your website is garnering traffic and what is failing to engage your customers.

What are customers buying? What products or services are missing the mark? What search terms are people using to locate your business? Evaluating the answers to these questions can make it much easier to provide exactly what people are looking for. Data can also point toward the types of buyer personas that comprise your revenue. By knowing who your customers are, you can develop much more effective and targeted marketing strategies.

Be open to suggestions and feedback

Encourage your customers to provide their opinions about a recent visit to your store or online purchase. People prefer working with a business that cares about the opinions of their customers, so make it fast and easy for individuals to offer suggestions. If your business operations are mostly online, send out customer surveys following the successful delivery of a product or service. Most people are happy to take a few moments out of their day to discuss their experience.

A simple greeting goes a long way

Start by building a relationship with one visitor at a time. Greet customers when they enter the store and offer help with finding what they need. For businesses that primarily rely on eCommerce sales, craft a welcome email for new customers to bring them into the fold of what your company is all about. Consider sending out weekly or monthly newsletters to keep your customers informed about your business and they’ll be more likely to keep coming back in the future.

Communication is key

Effective business management is dependent upon strong communication among all team members. Make sure everyone is on the same page and actively engaging with customers in a positive, meaningful way. A few complacent or unhappy employees can cause people to look elsewhere for what they need. Customers need to feel appreciated and a few kind words can go a long way to making them feel welcome. Given time, your customers will develop long-lasting relationships with your team that will have a resounding impact on the success of your business.

Getting to know your customers is not hard, but it does take a little work. Consider using these tips to help you gain a deeper understanding of how your customers think and feel. Chances are the connections you make today will secure the success of your business tomorrow.

By Ellis Bledsoe, Principal Owner ECB Solutions, LLC