Digital Workplace Organization

Digital Workplace Organization

05th May 2022

Optimization and organization are fundamental driving forces behind any modern business. As companies grow and demand changes, it’s more important than ever to have a solid foundation to build from. Digital workplace organization is one of the most effective ways to reduce time wasted, improve quality management, and enhance productivity.

Bringing organization into the workplace may sound like a relatively basic task, but the methodology you use can directly impact how successful your organizational tools are. The 5S method is recognized as a renowned commitment to organization in the workplace.

What is the 5S method?


This step involves going through all existing workplace tools, equipment, and resources to ensure they are functional and necessary for the job.

Set in order

Those gathered items should be relocated to the most helpful position or location for working.


Once general organization is complete, the working area should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.


At this point, all responsibilities, procedures, and routines should be written down and checked to support a better working flow.


The final ‘S’ involves putting in place training, auditing, testing, and feedback to continually improve and refine business operations.

How can the 5S methodology be used for digital organization?

You may be wondering how a method used for real-world workplaces can be effective for digital organizations. While some of the actions and processes involved may change, the foundation of 5S remains just as relevant in a digital medium. Here are some of the ways that this unique approach can be used for digital workplace organization:

The whole-picture approach

5S is designed to apply to the whole picture instead of one small segment or sector. The result of this method is a digital workplace that focuses on all parts of the process and workflow equally. Digital workers need to change their area of work and topic frequently, making it important to organize the whole workflow from start to finish with equal clarity.

Consistency in organization

Consistency is critical in the implementation of many digital workplace activities. Organization is no exception to that rule. The 5S method serves as an effective way to standardize and streamline the experience between workers, making it easy for the resources and tools for their job to be accessible as and when needed.

Optimization of existing architecture

Organization needs to be built from the ground up, and 5S recognizes this need. By optimizing each area of work and digital workplace, it’s possible to make existing tasks easier and improve upon how quickly new roles and responsibilities are mastered. The digital worker will need to know what the work is, how to do it, and what tools to use for each specific task. Optimizing your architecture to prioritize this can help achieve those goals.

The 5S method is a powerful tool for improving the digital workplace experience, prioritizing organization as a key feature in keeping staff happy and workflows streamlined. Whether your current business method isn’t up to scratch or you’re looking to enhance your current processes, this unique method is worth considering for future business planning.

By Ellis Bledsoe, Principal Owner ECB Solutions, LLC